It’s Not Plastic is a social enterprise dedicated to finding an alternative to single use plastic bottles.  As we all know, the world is facing complex problems relating to the use of traditional plastics - from emissions during production, to end of life and the sad fact that plastic takes hundreds of years to break down.  Traditional plastic bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (“PET”), a resin of the polyester family (yes, polyester like in our clothing). It is derived from crude oil and natural gas – finite resources with harmful production processes. Despite the growing health and environmental problems associated with traditional plastic, the demand for bottles has only gone up over the years.  Changing our demand and consumption behaviours is a massive issue that will take time and powers stronger than us…. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do our part to find better, cleaner alternatives for businesses and consumers!

To kickstart change, we have Australia’s first and only 100% plant-based bottle. Our bottles are made from polylactic acid (“PLA”), a substance derived from sugar starch, the labels are printed directly onto the bottles with vegetable ink, and in August, we will be switching to bio-lids made from plant based material - a first in Australia. 🌱 

Life happens - and whether you’re at the footy or ducking down to the beach on a hot day, we all need water and sometimes grabbing a bottle from a cafe is the only option. It’s Plant Not Plastic bottles gives you a cleaner choice. Ultimately, we won’t undo what has already been done – but we may just help to stem the tide of plastic pollution and offer a cleaner alternative for a better future. 

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