Our  PLA bottles are helping to make a change for the better, not only for you but also the environment.

Non Hazardous To Human Health
Our plastic free bottle does not contain PET, BPA or phthalates ensuring no hormone & toxic chemicals in your water!

No Harmful Toxins and compostable Our plant based bottles are biodegradable and compostable in managed composting facilities.

Return To Nature
Our PLA bottles are produced from a completely organic compound, with absolutely no man-made chemicals.


less greenhouse gases during production

less fossil fuels during production

Australia’s Estimated
million tons of the entire planets estimated annual production of plastic waste.

million tons - the entire planet’s estimated annual production of plastic waste



Unlike traditional PET that never truly goes away as it is generally landfilled, discarded or down cycled to make more PET, our plastic free bottles have numerous environmentally friendly end of life options which are all positive.


Also a major step forward in the on-the-go bottled beverage sector is the fact our bottles can be refilled. Why? Well, because our bottles dont contain any artificial chemicals they can safely be refilled, you can also see what you are drinking every time

We are removing the tag of single use!

By simply stemming the tide of non-biodegradable plastic waste we might finally be able to make amends for generations of ignorance and indifference to the huge environmental damage we are doing to this place called home.

It’s not Plastic biodegradable bottled water won’t undo what has already been done – but it may just help to stem the tide of plastic pollution and offer a better future .